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Should You Screen-In Your Porch: Pros and Cons

Should You Screen-In Your Porch

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Considering your next home improvement project requires careful thought, and rightfully so. A screened-in porch offers numerous advantages, particularly for Metro Atlanta and North Florida homeowners. Our area of the county is known for our warm climate and abundant sunshine, making outdoor living spaces desirable. However, bugs and the intense heat can often make it challenging to enjoy an open porch fully.

Screening in your porch can provide the perfect solution, creating a comfortable, pest-free environment that you can enjoy year-round. Let’s explore why a screened-in porch might be the right choice for your home. Wallcraft Exterior Solutions is a professional screen porch builder serving Metro Atlanta and North Florida, ready to help you transform your space and answer any questions you may have about the process. 

The Pros of a Screened-In Porch

There are many compelling reasons to screen-in your porch, making it a worthwhile investment for enhancing your home and lifestyle. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits they provide a home:

  • Protection from Bugs and Pests: One of the best reasons to screen your porch is to keep bugs and pests at bay. In Metro Atlanta and North Florida, the warm weather brings out mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects. A screened-in porch is a barrier that lets you enjoy your outdoor space without swatting away bugs or worrying about bites. Imagine relaxing outside without interruptions – that’s what a screened-in porch can offer.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Usability: A screened-in porch can make your outdoor space much more comfortable. It provides shade and a cooler spot to relax, which is especially lovely during the hot and humid summers. Plus, it offers protection from rain so that you can enjoy the fresh air no matter the weather. 
  • Improved Privacy: Screens can give you more privacy than an open porch. They obscure the view from outside, which is excellent if your neighbors are nearby or if your porch is at an awkward angle. A screen will deter an onlooker’s vision, so you can enjoy your activities without feeling like you are on display. 
  • Added Property Value: A screened-in porch can increase your home’s value. Many homebuyers see it as a bonus feature that extends the living space and enhances the home’s appeal. A screened-in porch can be a real selling point in areas like Metro Atlanta and North Florida, where the weather is great most of the year. 
  • Reduce Pollen and Maintenance: Screens help keep out pollen and debris, which is a big plus if you have allergies. This also means less cleaning and maintenance for you, as leaves, dirt, and other debris are less likely to accumulate inside your porch.
  • Increased Security: A screened-in porch adds an extra layer of security. While it’s not as solid as a wall, the screens will deter pests and provide extra protection from unwanted wildlife. They also create a visual barrier that can discourage casual intrusions, giving you more peace of mind while enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Versatile Space for Activities: A screened-in porch is a versatile space that can be used for all sorts of activities. The screened environment makes it more comfortable whether outdoor dining, working out, pursuing hobbies, or even setting up a home office. Plus, it’s an excellent space for entertaining guests, making your home the go-to gathering spot.
  • Reduced UV Exposure: Screens can filter out harmful UV rays, protecting you and your family from too much sun exposure.

Cons of Screening-In Your Porch

While there are many reasons to screen in your porch, it’s important to consider some potential downsides.

  • Initial Cost: Screening in a porch does come with an initial cost, but it’s encouraged that you hire a professional screen porch contractor, rather than attempt a DIY job. One main thing to consider is that you will likely save money in the long run when hiring a professional contractor, such as Wallcraft Exterior Solutions. 
  • Slightly Obstructed View: Screens can slightly obstruct your view, but they are designed to be see-through from the inside – out. After a while, you might not even notice they’re there. The benefits of keeping bugs and debris out often outweigh the minor visual obstruction, however.
  • Potential for Screen Damage: Screens can get damaged by pets, kids, or bad weather. If a screen gets torn or damaged, it needs to be repaired to keep the porch functional and looking good. This can add to your maintenance tasks over time, so it’s something worth mentioning.

Professional Screen Porch Contractors In Metro Atlanta and North Florida

Screened-in porches are a valuable addition to any home, but especially those is Metro Atlanta and North Florida. They make your house more comfortable, private, usable, and valuable.

If you’re considering screening in your porch, contact Wallcraft Exterior Solutions for a free consultation. Our experienced team is ready to help you create the perfect screened-in porch tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Use this guide to learn how to measure your porch to be screened in.