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How To Measure For Custom Porch Screen Quote

How To Measure For A Screened In Porch

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A screened-in porch is a worthwhile investment for homeowners. They provide a bug-free outdoor living space that enhances the overall comfort and usability of your porch, patio, or deck. If you’re reading this article, you’re likely interested in having a custom screen porch installed. Rest assured, receiving a quote for your custom screen porch is a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that a screened-in porch should not be included when calculating the total square footage of your house. To qualify as part of a home’s total square footage, the room must be heated, insulated, and cooled like other rooms in the house. However, a screened porch is still a valuable addition to your home that offers many worthwhile benefits, the most enticing of which is that it can potentially increase your home’s value.

How To Measure For Your Custom Screen Installation

Follow these steps to get an accurate quote for your custom porch, deck, or patio screen installation. As long as your space has a floor, roof, and support columns, we can give you a quote based on the length x width of the space, or the total length of the sides. We do not need to know the height of the area.

Here’s how to measure for your porch screen quote:

  1. Measure the Width: To get the width, measure the longest back side of the area. This is the wall that runs parallel to your house.

  2. Measure the Length: Next, measure the distance from your house to the width wall (the wall you measured first). There will be two measurements, one on each side. Depending on the layout of your home, these lengths can be the same or different. If you have more than three walls in the room you want to enclose, measure those as well.  

  3. Take Photos: Pictures of the area can also help us provide a more accurate quote. Make sure to capture the overall layout and any unique features. These images will help us understand the structure and potential obstacles allowing for a more detailed and accurate quote.

We do not need to know the height of the area, just the length x width or the total length of all the sides. You can easily receive a custom porch screen quote online by completing this form. 

Professional Screen Porch Installers in Metro Atlanta and the Florida Panhandle

While DIY screen installation might seem tempting, hiring a professional contractor offers numerous benefits. Professionals save you time and effort, ensuring the job is done correctly and efficiently. We have the proper tools and equipment, and the expertise to prevent costly mistakes and mitigate early repairs.

Wallcraft Exterior Solutions is an experienced screen porch building company in Metro Atlanta and the Florida Panhandle. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is apparent in every project we complete. Remember, we only need the length x width measurements, or the total length of the three sides, to provide an accurate quote to screen in your porch, patio, or deck. Let us help you create a comfortable and beautiful screened-in porch that enhances your home and lifestyle. Contact Wallcraft Exterior Solutions today to complete the form and receive your free custom porch screen quote.