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Does A Screened Porch or Patio Add Value To My Home?

Does A Screened Porch or Patio Add Value To My Home?

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Have you ever wondered if adding a screened porch or patio to your home is worth the investment? Well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are asking the same question.

The answer is a resounding yes! A screen porch or patio does add tangible value to your home. According to HomeAdvisor, some homeowners see as much as a 75% return on investment (ROI) for their screened-in porch projects. But the value of a screen porch or patio goes beyond the numbers. A screened porch or patio can also give your home these additional benefits.

Additional Benefits of a Screened Porch or Patio For Your Home

Beyond the impressive up to 75% ROI, a screened porch or patio brings other worthwhile benefits. These additions are both an investment in your home’s financial value and also in your quality of life.

Be Included in Neighborhood Comparisons

In many neighborhoods in the Southeast, having a screened porch is almost a standard. When it’s time to sell, your home will be compared to others in the area. If nearby homes with similar features are fetching high prices, yours is more likely to follow suit. A screened patio or porch ensures your home isn’t left out during these comparisons.

Extending Outdoor Living Space

While a screened porch might not count towards your home’s official square footage, it significantly extends your living space. Imagine sipping your morning coffee surrounded by the beauty of nature without leaving the comfort of your home. Or think about hosting dinner parties in a space that strikes the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors. This extension of livable space enhances your lifestyle in countless ways.

Year-Round Usage

One of the greatest things about a screened patio or porch is its versatility. With the right design, these spaces can be used all year round, especially in the Southeast’s climate. In the summer, they provide a cool, bug-free zone to enjoy the outdoors. In cooler months, they can be a cozy retreat, perfect for enjoying the season’s beauty in comfort.

Extra Privacy

A screened porch also offers an added layer of privacy. The screen material acts as a barrier, not just against bugs but also curious eyes. This means you can relax in your outdoor space with a sense of seclusion and peace.

For additional privacy, consider a SunPro Motorized Screen.

Safe Space for Pets and Children

A screened porch or patio is a game-changer for families with pets and children. They create a safe, controlled environment where your children or pets can play and enjoy fresh air without the risks associated with open yards.

Keeping Bugs Out

Last but not least, screen porches and patios keep those pesky bugs at bay. You can say goodbye to uninvited mosquitoes crashing your outdoor time and hello to more leisure moments all year long.

Wallcraft Exterior Solutions: Custom Screen Porch and Patio Builders

A screened porch or patio adds value to your home when it’s time to sell and enhances your living experience while you’re living there. If you’re considering adding this valuable feature to your home, look no further than Wallcraft Exterior Solutions. Serving Georgia, North Florida, and East Alabama, Wallcraft specializes in custom-built screen porches and patios. We understand the importance of blending functionality with aesthetics and can help turn your vision into reality.

Contact Wallcraft today to start your journey towards a more valuable and enjoyable home!

FAQ About Screen Porches and Patios

A screen porch can significantly enhance a home’s value. While the exact increase varies, homeowners can often see up to a 75% return on investment. The added value comes from the increased appeal and functionality a screen porch provides to potential buyers.

Yes, screened-in porches are a good investment for many homeowners. They not only improve the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your home but also offer a high potential return on investment, especially in neighborhoods where outdoor living is prized.

A covered porch can indeed add value to a home. It enhances the home’s curb appeal and provides additional usable outdoor space, which is attractive to many homebuyers. The exact value addition depends on factors like the size, design, and the local real estate market.

A screened porch does not count toward a home’s official square footage. For an area to be included in the square footage, it generally needs to be heated and enclosed within the main structure of the house.

The best size for a screened-in porch depends on your needs and the available space in your home. However, a common recommendation is at least 12×12 feet. This size provides enough room for seating and movement, making it functional and comfortable for most purposes.